We Gotta Stick Together

You don’t need another person telling you how bad the economy is.

But there aren’t a lot of people talking about what we can do for each other. Being a mid-twentysomething I keep thinking how we as young professional needs to stick together. It can be difficult when seeing each other as competitors for rare job openings, but even in that competition, we all need encouragement.

I’ve recently made a move to a new city, from one job to starting my own business. There’s so much to learn. Glimpses of panic and “what am I doing” thoughts aren’t constant, but they peek around the corner every now and then. I love listening to what my friends are up to: whether they are in transition to something new or just in search of that thing they want to do.

Seeing what other are passionate about really invigorates and renews my fire to move forward. If there are ways I can help others pursue their passion, a job, or interest, I do my best to help them out. The point being, young professional need to stick together. To encourage one another. To see the possibility instead of dwelling on the obstacles. I am so confident in my generation’s ingenuity, imagination, and drive.

Though things are tough right now…we’re working toward something great. We need one another and we can never forget that.


4 responses to “We Gotta Stick Together

  1. I 100% agree and also believe that by tossing around thoughts and ideas about what works and doesn’t we can all be better professionals. I was just let go from my job the other day but am continually encouraged when other people, especially my younger friends land a job or are also looking. The point is, we must support one another and cheer someone when they do good. There’s a lot of negativity in the World and a little cheering might be good for a change.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear that Andrew. I wish ChatterBuild was at the point where I could hire someone. I’d totally hire ya! Let me know if there is anyway I can help ya out. Keep your chin up…just know me and Liddy will always have your back : )

  3. amen. amen. amen. i hope things are well, josh. all in the best in chi-town. i’m still sad we missed each other out here, but i’m glad you’re pursuing your vision. cheers, my friend!

  4. thanks leshia. yes, i am sad we weren’t able to meet up. but i’m sure i’ll be back to dc at some point and we’ll MAKE IT HAPPEN! have a great evening friend

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