Oh the many feet, er, tweeps you meet

NOTICE: This entry contains much Tweetspeak

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a literary rock star to children. There’s so many to remember, however this last week got me thinking of “The Foot Book”. Okay, for those of you with podophobia (fear of feet), you probably wouldn’t like it. But the feet fetish folks are now salivating…take it easy! But seriously, we can determine whether we meet many or few feet, small feet, big feet, or even pig feet (oink, oink). It’s a matter of putting ourselves out there and embracing the unexpected. Right feet, left feet, meet feet, TWEET feet!

This book came to mind after all of the many, many feet, er, tweeps I met this past week. I’ve been in Chicago for just three months now and this is the first week I’ve felt the floodgates really open wide. It started with my friend @catherineellen, whom I met at a @SMCChicago event back in January. She invited me to this Tweetup for those who were #notatsxsw. And at this event, I met more fantastic people than I could have imagined.

And they are all local to Chicago. So instead of simply conversing via Twitter, I’ll actually get to meet and hang out with these people IRL (in real life..took me awhile to get that at first). However, getting to meet those who don’t live in or near Chicago is also rewarding – my meeting @elliebpr is proof of this (check out her blog post).

After spending one evening with @catherinellen, @SamiAri, @chanthana, @manamica, @FeliciaCago, @Spiewak, @stephdem, @stacyjill,@mattchevy and SO many more, it reminds me that we can never predict the “many, many feet we’ll meet”.


6 responses to “Oh the many feet, er, tweeps you meet

  1. Hi, Josh. I guess we can’t underestimate the SOCIAL in Social Media. It was really fun playing with you guys from afar the other night. Even better, I now have a group of contacts to reach out to should I need online chops for a project or referral in the Chicago realm. Feel free to check in if I can help you in the NY Metro. Enjoy your new town. Chicago’s a great place!!

  2. Hi Josh! It was a pleasure to meet you at #NotAtSXSW tweetup. It was your energy and humor that drew me in. And also your periodic table t-shirt 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you soon! We can get gelato!!!

  3. Hey Josh!

    I completely understand where you are coming from. It was kind of the same for me when I moved back to Chitown after being away for so long. 🙂

    It was really lovely to meet you as well!!

  4. Ellie – so true…sometimes we tend to focus on the technology instead of the relational value of social media. happy to have a contact in NYC now!

    Chanthana – I need to buy more of those periodic tables t-shirts! It was a hit! haha …And YES to getting gelato. my tummy is already growling : )

  5. Thanks Josh! Fun post!
    After meeting you all nice folks IRL I feel like Twitter is not enough to keep in touch with you. @chanthana has such a lovely smile, Twitter doesn’t do it justice. Josh is funny, again Twitter doesn’t do it enough justice. 🙂 So that’s what the unexpected can bring right, bright smiles and fun personalities :).

  6. Mana – I definitely agree. We can all reflect a little of our personalities in our tweets, but there still isn’t anything as genuine or authentic as meeting face to face! Can’t wait to hang again! : )

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