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Dunkin’ Runs on Social Media

We are all aware that Americans runs on Dunkin’. But this American institution is doing great things with social media. It’s Dunkin’s 60th Birthday and they are in the midst of their second “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” Contest. The contest basically allows anyone and everyone (13 and up) to create the next donut that will be distributed — with their own flavor combination, look, and name.

I’ve posted the “teaser” ad that has tried to get people intrigued and excited about the contest.

This 60 second ad was greated by Stuidocom in Boston, which has a rockstar list of clients such as CVS, Dunkin’ Donuts, Microsoft, Philips, Sony, tbs, and Coca Cola…among others. They also helped DD launch the MyIcedCoffee.com campaign, in partnership with MapQuest, to “effectively engage with youth” and allow travelers to plan their road trips and map out where DDs are located.

Jennifer Van Grove has some interesting stats via @mashable about last year’s contest:

Speaking of last year, let’s take a look at more stats from last year:

– 130,000 “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” donut submissions

– 218,000 total donuts created

– 25,000 donuts posted to Facebook (Facebook)

– 174,000 votes

– 269,000 more donuts created after the promotion was over

I’m excited to see more of what Dunkin will have in store as far as interacting with consumers. And of course, I have to share with you the Donut I created: I call it the Coco Peanut Butter Crunch. It is a donut with a round shell, filled with peanut butter kreme, topped with chocolate icing, chopped peanuts, and coconut. And a donut is not a donut without a description: Peanut butter and chocolate are a classic combination and a taste unique to America. The coconut on top inspired by an Almond Joy, except this donut is topped with crunch peanuts instead of almonds. This is as genuine and bold as Dunkin Donuts is to the American experience.

Happy creating!