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Foursquare As Economic Stimulus?

Most of us are now well-versed with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These seems to be the “Big Three” when it comes to social media. But my latest love is by far Foursquare.

Foursquare “is a cross between a friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game that rewards you for doing interesting things.” By checking-in to different places, you are able to share experiences with your friends and earn badges in the process. When you have checked-in more than anyone else at a particular location, you are dubbed “The Mayor”. If someone surpasses your number of check-ins, you get ousted. That’s where the competition comes in.

As our nation finds itself in the midst of a recession it got me to thinking…If enough people start using Foursquare, and our inherent competitive nature takes hold, could Foursquare become a virtually free economic stimulus? The other night I went with a good friend to eat sushi. I was definitely excited to try a new place (Matsu Yama) since it came highly recommended. However, the fact I was going to check-in and have the potential to unlock a new badge or to oust someone as Mayor got me excited.

I mean, not Christmas-morning excited…but needless to say, I was looking forward to checking in. I was going to eat with my friend regardless whether I had Foursquare or not…but in my mind it gave me that extra incentive to go.

Now I don’t have any numbers to back up this theory and there’s probably too few people to make a significant impact, but it doesn’t keep me from wondering how mobile social media games (competitions) might eventually drive the economy. So, download Foursquare now! It’s your duty! Let’s get this economy going!


We Gotta Stick Together

You don’t need another person telling you how bad the economy is.

But there aren’t a lot of people talking about what we can do for each other. Being a mid-twentysomething I keep thinking how we as young professional needs to stick together. It can be difficult when seeing each other as competitors for rare job openings, but even in that competition, we all need encouragement.

I’ve recently made a move to a new city, from one job to starting my own business. There’s so much to learn. Glimpses of panic and “what am I doing” thoughts aren’t constant, but they peek around the corner every now and then. I love listening to what my friends are up to: whether they are in transition to something new or just in search of that thing they want to do.

Seeing what other are passionate about really invigorates and renews my fire to move forward. If there are ways I can help others pursue their passion, a job, or interest, I do my best to help them out. The point being, young professional need to stick together. To encourage one another. To see the possibility instead of dwelling on the obstacles. I am so confident in my generation’s ingenuity, imagination, and drive.

Though things are tough right now…we’re working toward something great. We need one another and we can never forget that.